Apr 25, 2012

Hello world!

    After a long time, I've finally come back here. Actually I keep looking for a convenient blog service around the internet. This blog was set up six years ago. At that time, I am still a high school student who just entered the most amazing programming world with old-enough Pascal and toy-like Visual Basic.(I don't deny the easiness and quickness of developing on VB, but all in all, it still looks like a toy compared with others.) Time passed, I entered a local University and became an undergraduate majored in Electronic Engineering, and was successfully recommended as a postgraduate in September 2011. Since I'm a Chinese, my English could not be as well as natives. But I will still insist writing English in my blog for practicing. Hope it's a nice choice:). This blog will mainly be updated with my daily studying and working staffs, sometimes comments about the industry maybet.
    At this time, I am spending some leisure time studying Python and some web app programming stuffs in Udacity. It's a great web site which provides free and excellent education to anyone on the Internet, also there are several other choices. Try to google for them if you are interested. Another piece of my current main task is my graduating paper, which is related some kind of mathematical correction of high accuracy GPS data analysis.
    I was never a blogging guy before, but recently I think I should find a way to keep notes and make conclusions of what I learned, because I'm achieving so much information everyday. And as the internet generation, blogging is the best way ever. I have connected this blog with my Google+ account, if you find this site is interesting, then you can put me in your whatever circle :).

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